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Sarah Arnoff

My life in photography started when I was a teenager tinkering with old cameras and shooting cheap film. I have been pursuing a career as a photojournalist and editorial photographer since 2011 and along the way I’ve been a linguist, camp counselor, copy editor, furniture mover, studio monkey and a handful of other things.

I jumped into weddings after the long hunt for a photographer for my own. During my search, I came across so much talent and hundreds of beautiful images but, somehow, they just weren’t for me. I saw a lot of gorgeous detail shots and a ton of elegant posed portraiture—but not the photos I really wanted. I couldn’t see my personality or style in those photographs and I began to worry that I’d have to micro-manage my photographer to get the shots of my friends and family in care-free party mode, or the little side moments that no one usually notices. I ended up hiring a couple journalist friends to shoot my wedding and couldn’t be happier with the results.
I was able to trust my photographers completely because I was comfortable with their knowledge of visual storytelling. And that’s what I want to offer my couples. I want to deliver stellar images to those who—like me—appreciate details and posed portraits, but who mostly want environment- and moment-driven photos. I use my experience in documentary photography to tell your story in a real way, and develop trust so that your wedding photography is the last thing you’ll worry about on your big day.
And I travel. I look at plane tickets more than is probably healthy. I love meeting up with couples in crazy destinations, but I’ll be on the road whether a shoot is involved or not. Usually I’ll be lugging along at least one of my antique cameras while my husband sighs and patiently waits for me to set up my equipment and get the shot.

Drop me a line and we can chat about adventures. Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call. You can follow my documentary and travel work at and @arnoffoto.

Editorial inquiries can track me down through the Get Info tab. I am always open to new assignments and collaborations. My work has been seen in:
Salt Lake City Weekly, Vector Media, WedUtah, Emulsive magazine, The University of Utah and others.

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Side Note

No matter where in the world we are, my husband has made it his personal goal in life to photograph me whenever I’m taking a photo.
Meta, I know.

| SARAH ARNOFF PHOTOS | - Salt Lake City + Worldwide - 385-212-4847