| Road Trip Sessions | – Cora & Amanda

Everyone’s definition of a road trip is different. For some, a two-week, cross-country jaunt is the perfect excursion, and others get claustrophobic and antsy after just a couple hours in the car. For Cora and Amanda, an all-day adventure was right up their alley. We sped out of Salt Lake City around 8 a.m., heading for the pristine red-rock wilderness of Southern Utah, stopping along the way for sustenance in a few tiny towns. The day was perfect: Puffy clouds over canyon vistas and towering sandstone formations gave us stunning backdrops to explore and wander. Amanda and Cora were a riot to be around for the day and their adventurous spirit aligned just right with our route and a few misadventures (we might have gotten turned around a few times on some rural dirt roads). After a day in the sun shooting (these two are freakin gorgeous, btw), we made one last stop in Price for late-night burritos and rolled back into SLC around midnight. Whether all-day or a few hours, this is what Road Trip Sessions are all about: having a fun day filled with good memories and happening to get fabulous photos along the way.

Side note: The antique camera used for this session was the 1940s-era Graflex large format. It’s not officially listed on the Pick Your Camera page, but you can specially request it—please do!

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