| Road Trip Sessions | – Danica & Damon

Idaho is severely underrated. A mere three-hour drive from Salt Lake, it makes for a perfect Road Trip Sessions getaway. This shoot with Danica and Damon wasn’t a traditional session in that they didn’t drive with me to the site, but they did still get a road trip. Awaking at the jaw-dropping hour of 2 a.m. (yes. Two in the morning) to leave Pocatello and meet me at my campsite at dawn, these two are the epitome of perseverance and dedication to their modeling craft (follow them on Instagram @damondance16 and @danicaashhull, and I’m pretty sure their hair needs an Instagram account of its own). With a lovely Kite and Butterfly dress borrowed from Harlow Brides and a so-perfect-words-fail-me bouquet from The Potted Pansy, the three of us clamored over rocks and explored the other-worldly Idaho landscape.

In other news, if you’d like to wander amazing landscapes in Idaho or other locations, I’m having a Road Trip Sessions special of $100 off if you book on a weekday.

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