The Path Workshop

I’ve been a fan of destination wedding photographer and kick-ass entrepreneur D’Arcy Benincosa for awhile. I briefly ran across her years ago back at the beginning of her career when she would rent space from Photo Collective Studios, and didn’t see her for a long time until she was the keynote speaker at Photo Native in January. She is a mesmerizing speaker and can get anyone pumped–she practically had the entire room on their feet during her talk.

Her style is clean and elegant with a side of sexy, and though it’s pretty different from my down-and-dirty approach to weddings/portraits, I decided to attend her Path Workshop she held in Salt Lake. Over two days a small group of entrepreneurial photographers gathered in D’Arcy’s backyard to absorb business wisdom and advice, and we shot gorgeous models in flowing Leanne Marshall gowns. Her stunning styled setup was definitely an exercise in something different and different was definitely good for my rutty brain. Take a look at some of my favorite shots below.

Vendors and sponsors:
Host: D’Arcy Benincosa
Dress: Leanne Marshall
Flowers: Sarah Winward
Styling: Refine Studio
Hair & Makeup: City Style Bar / Bella Cosa Beauty
Headpiece: Maggie Wu Studio
Jewelry: Kristin Hayes Jewelry
Cake: The Graceful Baker
Ribbon: Froufrou Chic
Veil, Robe, Slip: Girl with a Serious Dream
Table: The Gatherist
Sponsors: The Find Lab, Fujifilm