Gorgeous Mountain Family Photos

The Morningstars are a riot. They’re truly a bunch who do not hold back their personalities–and that, my friends, is the key to getting great family photos. We headed out to a spot of their choice–which was a stunning view of our beloved Wasatch mountains. What better scenery to capture an adventurous family? Our beautiful September day was not as colorful as we would have hoped, but the lack of changing leaves failed to detract from the Squaw Peak scenery. After setting up my Graflex 4×5 to grab some antique shots, we wandered through the hills, and the Morningstars can take a simple walk and turn into an exciting adventure. Somehow, a large tree branch found its way into the picture like a new sibling, we transformed into lions in the Savannah and didn’t manage to ruin a single article of clothing–win! Thank you, Morningstar fam! It’s always a joy to capture your family.

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