Wedding days have a stigma. They’re associated with hectic stress. Here’s the thing: They don’t have to be. Promise.

Because who wants photos of stressed-out relatives and Bridezilla? Nobody. Attitude and preparedness play a huge part in making a wedding day relaxed and smooth. I take a big interest in helping my couples plan their day around the photos they want so that photography is the last thing on their mind when the time comes around. Browse through this abridged wedding day guide (the full guide will be sent to you after booking) to get a feel for how I work. Then drop me a line and let’s chat about details.

First Things First

Get Organized

You don’t have to be an A-type personality to appreciate the value of spreadsheets. The No. 1 tip I have for having a relaxed and easy-going wedding day is to plan out your timeline beforehand and share it with everyone—not just your vendors, but your guests as well. You can have a go-with-the flow attitude without wasting a lot of time. This is especially true if you’ve hired me on an hourly basis. I’ll help you plan your timeline photo-wise during our calls/meetings and communicate with your wedding coordinator for other details.

Mother of the bride buttons up bride's dress before wedding at Conrad Ranch in Provo Utah

Moving On


We can meet/Skype to design and finalize your save the dates and invitations. Typically, save the dates go out up to six months in advance but invitations only 4-6 weeks. About a month before the big day, I’ll send you a check-in email asking for a few final details and include a link for you to pick which antique camera you want me to shoot with. I’ll also ask you for your formal group portraits shot list. Please get as specific as possible with who you’d like photographed and group arrangements. Depending on the number and size of the groups, we can adjust your timeline. Be aware that shooting many large groups can take upwards of an hour.

The Big Day


I’ll arrive early to the venue to get oriented and set up (if you’ve booked my instant film photo booth, please have someone on hand who can show me where I need to be). I’ll start photographing details and spaces while no guests are around, and then I’ll head to where both parties are getting ready to shoot prep time. Before you know it, the ceremony time will come and I’ll pop out to get set up, and once you’ve done the deed and sealed the deal, we’ll move on to formal group portraits (referring to that handy dandy group shot list from above). Then the hard stuff is over and the party begins.

Honeymoon Phase


My turn around time is typically six weeks, but film can sometimes get held up at the lab. I will always let you know about delays in photo delivery, and I can at least send you a preview of the digital photos and add the film scans later. We’ll set up a meeting (unless you’re doing a destination wedding) to reveal your photos, and you’ll receive a private online gallery where you can favorite photos and share them on social media and with your friends/family. If you’ve booked a package that includes an album, I’ll have a proof ready for you at the meeting. If not, you can always add one later. We can also go through a preliminary design for your thank you notes.

Tips & Tricks

A  few suggestions 

Weddings rarely run on time, so don’t stress if things aren’t going according to schedule. I will do my best to make your day run smoothly, but if you expect quirks to happen in advance, it’s a lot easier to shrug them off as no biggie.

Please, please, please tell your guests put their phones away during the ceremony. This is as much for you as it is for me. I promise you, you won’t want a parade of screens to be the first thing you see when you walk down the aisle.

Guests light sparklers for grand exit send off during Conrad Ranch wedding in Provo Utah


Questions & Answers

How do we customize our wedding package?

If you’re not quite sure what you want after looking at my basic online pricing page, I can walk you though my full pricing guide and help you put something together that will fit your needs. Click that fun “Let’s Connect” button at the bottom and we can set something up.

How do we pay you?

I accept Paypal, credit cards, checks and, of course, cold hard cash. If you are local, I’m happy to meet up and take your money, or we can do everything electronically. If you’d rather not pay a lump sum after your 20% retainer, I can set up a payment plan through Paypal and you can pay off the balance incrementally until two weeks before the wedding day, when it needs to be paid in full.

Do you do destinations outside of Utah?

Yes. 100 percent. I’m in a state of travel frenzy at times. Destination weddings are always on my radar, whether you are coming to Utah for your special day or heading to somewhere more far flung.

What’s Next?

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Have more questions? Get in touch.

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